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AngelLinkTM Connections to Link to the Angels

Using the AngelLinkTM connections you will have a direct connection to the Arch Angels to help assist you . 

Benefits of the AngelLinkTM Connections

The purpose of the AngelLinkTM connections is to infuse you with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the angels.

After becoming energetically connected with the archangels via the AngelLinkTM connections, you will receive ongoing guidance and support encouraging you to express these angelic qualities in all areas of your life as often as you wish to.

The AngelLinkTM connections can be included on your Reiki journey to help enhance your treatments by calling upon the specific arch angel that you are in need of.

The 5 AngelLinkTM connection attunements are for Gabriel (Joy), Seraph Rose (unconditional love), Uriel (beauty), Michael (non judgement and protection ), Raphael (courage).

AngelLinkTM Attunement Information and Cost

The AngelLinkTM connection attunements are available to anyone wanting to receive them. These attunements can be done etherically, meaning you can be located anywhere in the world or in person on a one on one basis. These are very powerful attunements.

The session lasts 1 hour and includes the AngelLinkTM connection attunement and a Reiki treatment.

You can also book a 30 minute session which will not include the Reiki treatment.