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Reiki Courses

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the ancient techniques and healing art of Reiki is able to do so.  Below is a list of Reiki Courses available.  To reserve your space please contact [email protected].  Class sizes are kept small for personal attention.  You will receive all course material, the relevant Reiki attunements and a Reiki Certificate upon completion.   Classes are accredited by the Canadian Reiki Association and you will receive a CRA Certificate.

Reiki Level 1 / First Degree

Cost: $150.00

Understanding what is Reiki

History of Reiki & Reiki Principles

Reiki 1 attunement

Energy Flow

Understanding a Reiki session & Hand Positions

Reiki Self-Healing

Reiki Chair Treatments

Applications for Reiki 

Chakras: What are Chakras and Functions of Chakras

Perform a full Reiki session

Canadian Reiki Association Information 

Reiki Level 2 / Second Degree

Cost: $200.00

Review of Reiki 1

Stones and Crystal usage in Reiki 

Auras - Aura Sweeping, Understanding Auras

Reiki Level 2 attunements

Reiki Level 2 symbols

Review of a Reiki session with Level 2 Symbols


Reiki Distance Healing Methods & Practice 

Practicing full Reiki session 

Canadian Reiki Association Information 

Reiki Master Practitioner Level (R.M.P.) or Level 3

Cost: $250.00

Review of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2


Level 3 Reiki Symbol

Reiki 3 attunement

Crystal Grids

Psychic Surgery

Hara Dimension

Canadian Reiki Association Information 

Reiki Master Teacher Level

Cost: $500.00

Review First Degree, Second Degree & Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Level attunement

Challenges as a Reiki student

Being a Reiki Master 

The Microcosmic Orbit and the Hui Yin

Reiki Attunements Understanding

The Hara Laine

Reiki Master Symbols

Practice Reiki attunements 

Practicing Reiki as a business

Canadian Reiki Association